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How to Update Profile in DG Shipping website

With reference to the D.G.S. CIRCULAR NO. 01 OF 2012
No. 1-Computer Cell (INDoS)/2010-I. 13-03-12.
c-database of Indian seafarers — mandatory requirement of creating and upgrading the seafarers profile.

The Manila Amendments to the STCW (Standards of Training, Certification and Watch-keeping for Seafarers) Convention, 2010, which have come into force from January, 2012, necessitate that the seafarers’ profile should be maintained in an electronic format, should be available to the seafarers for updating and should be accessible to
various authorities for verification, electronically.
This office Notice No. 1-CC(1NDoS)/20 10-I dated the 9th November, 2011, on the issue of online updating of seafarers’ profiles mandates that every seafarer, having an Indian National Database of Seafarers (INDoS) number, has to register with the Directorate General of Shipping Government of India website for creating his/her profile online. The said process of ‘registration’, which is free of charge and updating online has been elaborated in those guidelines. As of date, more than 40,000 such profiles stand created and updated — an indication that the process is operating smoothly and without any bugs. It is necessary,therefore, that all active seafarers are brought under this data-base and registration discipline.

2. In order to be compliant with the requirements of the STCW Convention, as amended, it has been decided that every application of a seafarer for; (1) post-sea training, (ii) recruitment and (iii) any other service(s) to be offered by the Directorate General of Shipping or its field offices, must be accompanied by an update of the seafarers’ profile,
as on the last date of the month immediately preceding the date of such an application.
For an online application, a seafarer has to clearly specif’ that he/she has updated the said profile, as such. Physical applications will similarly have to be accompanied by printouts of the updated profiles concerned.

3. No Branches of the Directorate General (DG) of Shipping, no offices of the Mercantile Marine Departments/Shipping Masters, no Maritime Training Institutes imparting post-sea training courses and no Registration and Placement Service (RPS) Agents or shipowners will entertain an application of any seafarer unless his/her profile stands updated, as indicated above.

4. A seafarer who does not possess an INDoS number, but who is liable to have an INDoS no. must obtain the same in order that his/her case is considered for the purpose.Cases of such other seafarers who are not required to have INDoS nos. (eg. Entertainment team on a cruise ship, hospitality and house-keeping staff thereon) can apply to the DGShipping/Mercantile Marine Departments/Shipping Masters Offices, for any matter concerning them, without creating any seafarer’s profiles. If an INDoS identity is created for them in the future, stipulations made in this Circular shall apply.

5. The Principal Officers/Surveyors-in-Charge, Mercantile Marine Departments can make an exception, albeit only with reference to para 4 above, for clear reasons to be recorded by them in writing and will send a list of such exception cases entertained by them during the given month by the 5” of the next month as an annexure to their Monthly D.O. letters on the activities of the MMDs, forwarded to the DOS, for an analysis and further augmentation of the e-database. Similarly, a RPS agentlshipowner could also do so in rare exigencies, with the approval of the Deputy Director General (Crew), Directorate General of Shipping and reflect these details in a separate monthly report to the DG, Shipping.

6. The email IDs and contact nos. provided by the seafarers in their seafarers’ profiles will be considered as the appropriate address for communication and proof of delivery. Seafarers should, therefore, regularly update the information regarding their mobile/contact nos. and email (identities). They should use their individual e-mail ID and should not, repeat should not, use a Training Institute or RPS agent ID.

As per DG Shipping website dated 09-11-2011 , each seafarer having INDOS number has to compulsorily register with DGS website to acquire a Login ID and Password.
By using the acquired Login ID and Password, a seafarer has to update online his/her details such as training, course, COC details, within a month’s time.
The detailed guidelines as given below as Annexure 1 :

Annex – 1

Procedure for submitting ‘online’ applications for Nautical examination
1. Who can apply?
a) Seafarers who want to apply for ASM, First Mate Phase 1 & 2 grades examination.
b) To interact with the e-module of examination system, seafarer is required to register online by following the process of “Seafarer Registration”.

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